The Healed Becomes The Healer – Sagittarius New Moon 22/11

The Healer Becomes The Healed
Sagittarius New Moon ~ 22 November 12:32 GMT

II II . 11 . 2014
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The Healed becomes the Healer

From the deep, dark and dangerous waters of Scorpio we now move forwards into the warmer fire energy of Sagittarius.

This New Moon is all about moving upwards from that dark place. An intense time we have experienced in the underworld of Scorpio. Valuable truths and lessons have been learned and transmuted. Although not obvious now – in time all will be revealed.

With the lessons learned and gained throughout the recent Scorpio energy – which, for some, has been extreme – we must now move on, pulling others along in the slipstream of our arrow, not that which is left behind, the wake… that is for the dead! At the end of the Scorpio cycle we transform – no death!

The new Sagittarius energy requires us to aim high and focus and believe in ourselves more; embrace the change that is offered. And practice daily spiritual exercise: deep breathing, meditation, energy work (Tai Chi, Yoga).


The arrow is released from the bow of the Centaur (your Centre) aim high – relax, breathe and focus on the moment – project your intent and focus on where you want your arrow to rest. We are older and wiser now as we journey through the wheel of the Zodiac.

Here in Sagittarius there is an uplifting in the mood and an inspired energy. Sun (the ruler of Leo) now lies in Sagittarius. Jupiter (ruled by Sagittarius) is in Leo – this is called a mutual reception, in astrology. This offers additional harmony and expansion to the new energies.

However, let’s not get carried away here – we are quite out of the woods just yet! Sun and Moon conjunct at only at 0.007 degrees of Sagittarius (70%). This leaves about 30% of the focus of the New Moon still in Scorpio. So… a trailing leg remains in the Scorpion energy perhaps – just so we do not too carried away perhaps? After all, Saturn remains in Scorpio until 23 December. A little more work to do there but we should feel slightly less tense about it, than recently, it would seem.

On 28 November, Mercury leaves Saturn sulking alone in Scorpio! In astrology (and as his alter-ego Satan in religion) Saturn takes a lot of blame (in this game) but really this archetype is one of, if not the greatest teacher of all. Wisdom, maturity, reflection and age bring understanding and reflection of how and why these lessons were needed in the first place.

From the day we entered this portal, we are being groomed for a greater purpose; a higher responsibility; and that comes at a price: harsh lessons need to be learned, understood, tamed, controlled and transmuted. Saturn’s energy demands that you ‘get that’ before you are allowed to vibrate at a higher frequency. Misuse of greater power can harm yourself, others and unbalance the Universe.

Though we live on a planet where it seems that ‘a few’ at the top seem to get away harming others (again and again) they do not! They are not part of what Universe has planned for us. Though I do not fully understand their roles I am sure that we are about to see them severely restricted, stopped or simply disappear!

Pluto Uranus

Uranus / Pluto Square

Looking ahead, look out for the next exact square (6 from 7 in total) which will be occurring on 15 December. Historically, times like these show great upheavals and triumphs in the collective mind-set and Consciousness takes great leaps in evolution: The Renaissance and various Revoultions, to name a few. However [in recorded history] there have never been seven exact squares (in under three years). It seems Universe has something bigger planned this time around!

Uranus squaring Pluto and Mars in Capricorn continues to push the individual to break free from the constraints and constricts of the out-of-date control systems: religions, banking, government, corporations, etc. These antiquated dinosaurs just love telling us how to live our lives – and just look at the state of things on this planet, and its people. They gotta go and they will. These are their last legs – do not be fooled by all the pomp and posturing – they are out of time! Our time being created here and now on Earth by Us the true of heart. If you have shown that you have no heart to Universe (or are not willing to change) you will not be part of the New. Goodbye and I hope you farewell.

Chiron Neptune

Neptune and Chiron turn direct

Neptune and Chiron have both been retrograde for about 5 months, in Pisces. Neptune went direct on 16 November and Chiron turns direct on 23 November and so we enter a new phase of inner healing: spiritually, emotionally and physically.

These slow and subtle energies begin to teach us learn to bring our dreams into our realities once more. Daring to dream during the retrograde period we can now choose to live them, using our newly discovered psychic and intuitive powers. We have grown, a little more, and so we are allowed access to these energies to help shape our future.

Neptune, the planet of acceptance, transcendence and delusion, can reveal as much as he can deceive. Chiron, the Wounded Healer and the outsider is the hidden hand that touches where it stings the most. It triggers our healing process, pushing us forwards on our journeys of self and collective healing.

In retrograde, Chiron and Neptune have been unveiling our most vulnerable and intimate areas, if needs be reopening old wounds, exposing our spiritual desires and our feelings of disconnection and separation from Creation. Neptune and Chiron together in the soothing, dreamy waters of Pisces bring healing and compassion. Now that both planets have turned direct – seven days apart – it is time to bring that new found energy out – the healed becomes the healer.

The Healer Becomes The Healed

Summary of leaving Scorpio

This has been an incredibly intense time in Scorpio. The power of water is immense: it gets into places that no other can: flooding, submerging, absorbing, cleansing and healing, destroying the old and creating the new.

During these times, one may have felt that they were walking on egg-shells or cracking up – perhaps you were; which is not always bad, depending on your perspective. Think of it like this: You were! Only, the egg shells you trod on were the remains of the shell around you that cracked open – you are now free from Scorpio to leave that dark shell and venture out.

The chick welcomes the cracking of the shell. As each crack appears more light floods into the shell until all of a sudden that moment happens, the shell is open the chick can now step outside for the first time. This is the death, transmutation and rebirth of Scorpio, nothing to fear.

Likewise, the system and matrix that holds the lies together is cracking, falling apart and each time it does we can either choose to feel fear or know that this is a process. We are now entering an acceleration period and in a matter of time we will also be out of the shell of control that has smothered us for too long, or until we decided enough was enough. That time is now!

Nestled in the heart of the Orchid, photo by Christian Kneidinger

The Time is Nearing

Most everyone seems to be waiting for something BIG to happen. Well, it already is! We are awakening exponentially: internal growth and external revelations are creating something new; something better. Rome wasn’t built in one day but it could be destroyed in one and that time is nearing. There will still be teething pains and catastrophes to face, that is just the way it is.

These past few years have been a particularly challenging time for me personally and I know that many others have been feeling the ups and downs and intensity of this period. Things are looking up, this New Moon takes place in the 9th sign (Sagittarius) and there are 9 months in a pregnancy. Scorpio is about death, transformation and rebirth! This is your rebirth!!

Let go of the past… just let go!

Break Out

With best wishes and intentions,


PS: Algol (the Demon Star) will be opposing Saturn (in Scorpio) on 22 November also.  When Mars (in Scorpio) recently opposed Algol there were extremely significant implications around the World in the news. I will post more about this separately.

Algol Demon Eye Medusa


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