Aim = I Am [Sagittarius New Moon] / M.I.A [Missing In Action] -Scorpio NM

Sagittarius New Moon – The Archer

Aim = i Am
Turning away from darkness
What has passed is past
Aiming my arrows upwards and further
I create the Now… I Am.

AIM – I AM – M.I.A [Missing In Action]
[Following the New Moon in Scorpio on 30th October 2016.]


It is time…

In a hole I have been for some time now
The need to dig deep and examine the ground
Seeds planted deep firm roots they shall grow
The distance between worlds has narrowed.

Nearing a day when all will be right
The meek will indeed inherit the might of truth

There is no higher AUthority than the heart


Best Wishes,


AIM – I AM – M.I.A [Missing In Action]
No! Scorpio Rising conjunct Lilith: both a curse and a blessing!


Was It Just A Dream?

Was It Just A Dream
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02.06.2015 at 17:18 GMT
Full Planting Moon ~ Sagittarius 11°49′

Key aspects:
Moon (Sagittarius) opposite Sun, Mercury, Mars (all in Gemini)
Moon square Neptune (Pisces)

02.06.2015 Sagittarius Full Moon
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As a rule, remember: Planets represent Cosmic Forces; Signs shape Planetary Forces; Houses represent Aspects of Life.

This Full Moon takes place on the Sagittarius – Gemini Axis: The balance between what is near and what is far, between the known and speculation.

Gemini Sagittarius

Sagittarius – I See – Fire – Mutable
The far horizons, Further education , philosophy and religion.

Gemini – I Think – Air – Mutable
Mentality and communicative skills, siblings and neighbours.

The main characters in todays inter-act-ion:

Sun: Thrust of spirit, vitality, consciousness
Moon: Soul, innate nature, emotions
Mercury: The trickster, mental, connection between worlds
Mars: Motivation, energy, assertveness.
Neptune: Dissolution, transcendence, the imaginal.

Mars Mercury Retrograde Mercury Moon Neptune Sun
(Maya White Astrology Oracle Cards)

Take aim Archer; Centaur; Centre:
Rooted, breathe deeply and find the stillness. Become one with the bow and make the arrow your intention. There is no release just acceptance of ones own oneness with Source.


“The archer ceases to be conscious of himself as the one who is engaged in hitting the bull’s-eye which confronts him. This state of unconscious is realized only when, completely empty and rid of the self, he becomes one with the perfecting of his technical skill, though there is in it something of a quite different order which cannot be attained by any progressive study of the art”

Taken from: Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel.

With best intentions,


Saturn – Earth – Sun Alignment & Time (Hourglass) IX XI Gates

23.05.2015 2.34 GMT Saturn --- Earth --- Sun......
Sun opposes Saturn ~ Click on image to enlarge

On 23 May 2015 at 02:34 am GMT, Sun (1°38′ Gemini) moves into exact opposition to Saturn (1°38′ Sagittarius). Sun is also in early conjunction with Mars (7°42‘ Gemini) and Mercury (12°33′ Gemini).

Sun is the thrust of Spirit, vitality, consciousness and animus.
Saturn is the force of contraction, limitation and crystallisation.

23.05.2015 2.34 GMT Saturn --- Earth --- Sun

This alignment (enlightenment) with Sun will reactivate Saturn before it retrogrades back into Scorpio (death and transformation through alchemical process) for a final purge, clearance and death of the old ways that are not part of what is to come for humanity to evolve and push its way out of the box. Each will decide how this energy manifests in their individual experiences by actions, decisions, intentions and ultimately that which is etched on their Heart.

It has been said many times before what these moments in our lives represent to the collective and individual, to people and to those that oppose the will of Cosmic Law and Order. The Golden Rule will prevail.

23/6/15: Sun – Earth – Saturn alignment
15/6/15: (666) Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio (Underworld)
18/9/15: Direct Saturn moves back into Sagittarius (Far Horizons)

23.05.2015 2.34 GMT Saturn --- Earth --- Sun..

This time coincides with Mercury retrograde (in Air sign Gemini) and so more emphasis is placed on going within to truly connect and communicate with the Higher Mind. Mercury’s archetype is the Messenger of the Gods and is there to serve as the link, more so at this time. Mercury retrograde is a very positive time, if one allows it to be, particularly this one where it falls in its own rulership: the Air sign of Gemini.

Mercury RetrogradeMercury Retrograde BS
Forget about Mercury retrograde dramas!

Gemini and Sagittarius are both Mutable Signs and the flexibility, adaptability and versatile nature of these signs provides room for manoeuvre. However, a choice must be made, all the same!

To gain an accurate reading of where exactly these alignments will effect the individual you must look at where the planets are aligning in your own chart. Also, pay attention to the first few degrees of the signs in your chart – where this alignment takes place (1°38′ Gemini and Sagittarius).

23.05.2015 2.34 GMT Saturn --- Earth --- Sun........

As a rule, remember:

Planets represent Cosmic Forces
Signs shape Planetary Forces
Houses represent Aspects of Life

Gemini – I Think – Air – Mutable
Mentality and communicative skills, siblings and neighbours.

Sagittarius – I See – Fire – Mutable
The far horizons, Further education , philosophy and religion.

23.05.2015 2.34 GMT Saturn --- Earth --- Sun...
23 May 2015 – Sun – Earth – Saturn alignment23.05.2015 2.34 GMT Saturn --- Earth --- Sun.

With Saturn (as above) being heavily involved we should also look at another intere-sting alignment taking place at this time…

The Sun-Venus and Saturn-Pluto hourglass at Gates IX XI

23.05.15 Hourglass IX-XI Houses-Gates
Hourglass Formation at the IX XI Gates / Houses ~ Click image to enlarge

On 23 May 2015, at about 2:17am GMT, the following planets make an hourglass formation (see images above and below):

Sun (1°38′ Gemini) opposite Saturn (1°38′ Sagittarius)
Venus (16°17′ Cancer) opposite Pluto (15°14‘ Capricorn)

As always, look to where these points fall in your birth chart and where the transits (current positions) lay.

An hourglass is formed, the symbol of time, the symbol of Saturn (Kronos, Old Father Time, the Reaper and Harvester). Saturn is the time cube (hexagram forms a cube at its north pole) and the keeper and administrator of obedience to Earthbound Laws whilst Souls incarnate and learn in this dimension. Time as we percieve, and value it, is about to change. The direction one takes is a freewill choice.

23.05.2015 Hologram - Hourglass
Hourglass Formation ~ Click on image to enlarge

At this alignment Pluto will sit at the (XI) eleventh gate (house) and Saturn sits at the (IX) gate. This is IX XI or translated from Roman to English Numerals: 9 11. The significance of this will reveal itself to those that can see such things. I will not reveal such things here, at this time. This alignment coincides with a machine bulit to open portals (other dimensions) in a neutral country in Europe somewhere.

Alphanumerically: TIME = 119 / 911
T = 20 / I = 9 — (20+9=29 and 2+9) = 11
M = 13 / E = 5 — (13+5=18 and 1+8) = 9

Time is within ‘hands’ reach for man to truly stand in his or her own individual power and in full alignment with what he/she truly knows to be correct and wise. Man is known by what he / she will emiT.

Fear is the enemy of man and love is the remedy.


With best intentions,


NB: A good time to be alone with the being commonly known as Earth, much love layeth there.

To those that scrolled down this far (thanks) this will also be of interest. ‘Coincidentally’ I pulled this card from the Mayan Oracle three days ago which revealed many other things:

6. Hologram

Here is the card I drew yesterday from the Mayan Oracle. The hourglass/8/infinity loop falls exactly in Cap-Sag opposing Gemini-Cancer!! You can just make out the twelve divisions of space (Zodiac). This is the first time I’ve drawn this card in over two years!

The card is Hologram: Reflected image of the One, Greater Reality, expanded viewpoint, evolution into wholeness, entering the ‘Big Story’, seeing from overview (at a glance translation).

Earth to Heart: Taurus New Moon

New Moon Taurus 18.05.2015
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18.05.2015 at 5:13 GMT
Taurus 26°55′ New Moon, Sun and Ascendant

Following the recent (very intense) Scorpio Full Moon we now experience the New Moon in its polar opposite sign Taurus – Earth – on the axis of power.

18.05.2014 5.13 GMT - New Moon Taurus
Click on image to enlarge

Short and sweet this post will be: great energy on offer! I am really liking the feel of this current energy – much needed after recent events – and with very difficult planetary positions ahead – this is one to savour. This very feminine energy beckons us to seed and grow our resources and talents. It calls us to come back down to Earth, breathe, allow our energies to beat and re-sync with the Earth – Heart.

Venus Cancer
Venus in Cancer compliments Moon in Taurus

The Moon (ruled by Cancer) exalts in Taurus (ruled by Venus).

Venus is in Cancer: a mutual reception between Taurus and Cancer takes place – the energies compliment and work together. Moon conjuncts Mars: Take action and plant new seeds: the force is with you!

Pay particular attention to the 26 degree points of your own birth charts and see where this focus of energy will be for you: Take maximum advantage – we all deserve it!

Algol Medusa's Tears


This New Moon occurs at 26° Taurus, the astrological point of Algol: The Eye of Medusa.

According to the Roman poet Ovid, Medusa was originally a ravishingly beautiful maiden and “the jealous aspiration of many suitors”. Poseidon’s lust was strong and he raped Medusa in Athena’s temple; the enraged Athena transformed Medusa’s beautiful hair to serpents and made her face so terrible to behold that the mere sight of it would turn onlookers to stone. She was never to touch a man again.

Star 1

For the wise and astrologically aware amongst us, the focus of this energy must be used to tame, heal, respect and love the tortured dark feminine aspect in all of us. We all hold the tormented archetype of the Medusa within us. We have all at one point in our lives felt abused, betrayed or completely broken. This is the correct way to be working with this energy.

Get out into Nature: Breathe deeply and connect. She is waiting for you!

With best intentions,



More on Algol in a previous post here:

Coming soon:
23.05.2015 on Saturday (Saturns Day)
Sun —– Saturn —– Earth alignment

Expect the unexpected is all I will say for now…

Cube Saturn      Unexpected 1 Unexpected 2

Always with Hope ~ Humanity.

Tao Te Ching 77 - Bow and Tao

David Cameron (et-alia),

Allow me to tell you a s-tory…

Throughout his-tory there have been many people who have sought to aim far too high with their arrow, mis-believing that the higher one aimed the bow, the further and more accurately the arrow would travel and rest. This is incorrect logic and shows a complete lack of understanding and disregard of how the great energy operates.

You, and others, are making a fatal error and I would ask you all to reconsider your positions, motives and policies immediately. We know, with certainty, that you (or your advisors within your circles) understand, very well, the current astrological situation and how this will ‘pan’ out. Therefore, this summary will be intentionally brief and not through a lack of understanding of the finer points – or, to put it in your own Bar-language – the small print. So as you chose to conceal your intentions and true position you have also miscalculated the outcome of the workings of Cosmic Law and Balance.

In brief: Saturn, currently in Sagittarius: the Centaur (sign of the bow and arrow) is about to fall back into Scorpio (15 June) – through retrograde motion. Any aims you make at this time will disastrously fail. You are firing a misguided arrow into an unfathomable unseen force which will repel that arrow with true purpose and intent – return-to-sender – or in this case – Centaur! Given the archetype of the Centaur is the teacher and mentor – you may consider this your greatest lesson and not, as stated publicly, your (quote) “sweetest victory”.

Scorpio (with its ruler Pluto in Capricorn – on the axis representing politics and government) will provide the fatal kiss of death to that which no longer serves the greater need of the many. I am sure you have studied the great texts enough to have understood this necessary cycle that we are involved in. The question is: which side of his-tory will you, and others, be remembered for: Sticking to your guns? Or, lowering your hand to assist – from your lofty position of power?

Your system has failed: In a matter of time (and the sand is thinning by the hour) you will be sucked through the funnel piece of the hourglass and there you will rest with all that lies at the bottom. All the dense physical grains lie at the bottom while the light of heart (air – spirit) will remain in the upper chamber.

Once Saturn moves back into Sagittarius (18th September) harsh lessons will have been learned and the chance to rebuild anew – afresh will begin. However, the heaviest and falsest of heart will not survive this time without severe damage and repercussions. This is the time of great change: epitomised by Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.

Tao Te Ching 81

We, the mere mortals at the bottom of the power-pyramid appear to be the ones crumbling at this time and indeed we are feeling this burden. Yet, still we carry on and survive your worst intentions. Each day we, of differing mothers, fathers and origins, heal our past wounds and come together more and more. We learn each day that we have more in common now than our small differences before.

You, however, travel the opposite way – you, through deception and fear, invent new ways of separation and division. Did you not understand math? The more you divide a number it seems to get smaller and smaller, but no, it gets bigger and bigger and travels further in the opposite direction to the calculator or intention.

Have you thought about what happens when the base is crumbled to those perched at the top? Soon enough, the eyes of the many will be opened for good and the base will simply vanish: a rug will be pulled from under the bejewelled loafer of the aristocrat.

The road is indeed rocky, at this time, for the needy that bear the weight of the greedy above. And yet, it is the greedy that continually fail to see that they are the ones building their own landing mat of rocks which they will fall upon from a great height: the result will be fatal. This need not be.

In these times of great difficulty we all have the potential to show our true humanity by our words, our actions and most importantly the purpose and intention that reside within our hearts. I hope that you choose wisely because, even now, at this late stage of developments you still have a choice and can limit the suffering of others and at least place a protective mat under your own fall which is well on the way. As one falls from a great height a shadow gets bigger and bigger at the landing spot: the choice is yours. The rocks are growing and the sand thinning.

We reach out our hand still even if you choose not to.

Always with hope,


Abdul Baha... The Teacher should not...

End note:

I make no excuses for being vocal (politically) recently. I do not vote or give my power to any voice that never served the common interest. I speak out when people are being hurt by the actions of the few and I address this directly and go straight to the source; and Source.

This is the skeleton of a letter that will be forwarded to each and every Tory MP I can locate an email address for. I do not expect a reply and nor do I seek one. Our remedy will be delivered not by those it addresses.

With best intentions and unconditional love,


Are you still in CHARGE?

Vesica Piscis Sine
Click on image to enlarge

8th May 2015 – Someone has been put ‘in charge’ again!

The end result was a given and the agenda will be played out, no matter the voice/vibration of the voter/voltage. Many have given their power away and are enjoying the illusion or temporary satisfaction and experience, or deception, of the senses: A small victory! A little like trying to block out the light of the entire Sun with a Carousel Umbrella (“It’s sturdy!” and yet futile!).

One thing is crystal clear to M/E (Magnetic / Electric): There are many people excited, charged or ec-static, with the elect-ion result this morning, and yet many more are totally un-excited, discharged or deflated. Some are up – some are down. Some are positive – some are negative. Some are excited (in an excited state as with an atom, molecule or nucleus [an excited state]) – and some are (most definitely) unexcited.

This is a clear sign (sine wave) of an energetic exchange taking place. We all know that we can experience a positive (+) result or a negative (-) result: this is an elect-rical charge / circuit (+/-). So, the Quest-ion is: who wired up this particular elect-rical circuit and where are they feeding the energy to. All energy must go some-where or to some-thing. Why are so few experiencing any meaningful benefit from giving their energy / charge to another party?

The people who are current-ly elated are now joyously applauding the elect-ed one who is now ‘in charge’ and sits ‘in power’. In the coming days, or weeks, they too will be ‘giving it up’ to their chosen one. At some point, it will be realised that nothing has changed and the same old excuses arise, new problems appear (or are created) and through preying on ones fears the man ‘in power’ cleverly spins (they have Doctors for that) people’s emotions and further round and down the funnel we go. To where?

Can, or should, we compete on that low-vibrational physical level? We have hoped many times over that “a change was gonna come” (how many times now?) This has been going on for quite some time – round and round the merry-go-round we go and where we stop nobody knows. Whilst some (on this ride) are saying: “Again! Again! One more go!” others are gagging and screaming from the inside “No-oooooooo, stop!”

Election Who's in Charge
Click on image to enlarge

Surely we can now realise that to compete in, or even win, this game we have to change the rules and not fall in with what has been very carefully planned and laid out by those with a certain vibrational frequency where they are in their ‘element’ (and there they shall remain) and we are not. It kind of worked for a while but as many are now increasing their vibrational field it has become obvious to so many: The few are increasing and we await the tipping point (100th monkey).

It is constantly pushed down our gullets that “if we do not engage with the system (i.e. vote for someone we do not believe in or resonate with) we have given up our very right (not left) to make any comment or even talk about it or be taken seriously. What! Seriously!

We can, however, engage with this magnetic-electric force in many, many more ways than marking (signing / sine waving) a piece of paper that may or may not be counted (we have no way of knowing after all). Many are becoming aware that there is more to life than this physical experience. Those in power have been aware of this ‘secret’ for a very long time and have hidden that knowledge until ‘man was ready’. We hear this so often in our study, and research, of the great teachings. Many are ready for that time now and are already interacting with the unseen (invisible) forces and relearning to trust one’s own space and power, once more.

I (current-ly) see and experience many examples of how people are relearning the ways of the (seemingly mystical) abundant energy that surrounds us and how it can be used for healing, strengthening and overcoming many kinds of dis-ease. I would say that the system is, and has always been, at dis-ease with itself firstly and, of course, the people ‘affected’ by this dis-ease. The good news is that the cure is well on the way. The illness is always: one day at its worst and one day it is healed: gone. Sometimes suddenly!


The human species is on the precipice of dis-covering / un-veiling this vital tool of self empowerment / self governance that will free the individual from its shackles (physical and spiritual) and vampiric / parasitic entities that feed off of low vibrational frequency (illness, sickness, dis-ease (fear), etc.

An unshackled, or free, individual will offer more to the overall collective experience than being part of a machine-like-hive mind that suppresses creativity and expression and endorses a one-direction-fits-all mental-ity.

Creation does not move in one direction: this leads to repetition, stagnation and, frankly, is so very boring. As children we learned to take the stabilisers off the bike and get back on the horse again only to find, as adults, we are expected to plateau and be told that’s it – no entry – no further! This is absurd! In the prime of our lives, when we have so much experience and (hopefully) wisdom, we are now suppressed: our growth ceases and so we begin to decay. As natural evolving beings we are de-sine-d to learn, grow, imagine, expand, create, inspire and experience our greatness and the greatness of all others. Everyone has this potential within them: if only we allow ourselves to realise this through mastery: self love. I am great and so are you!

Nestled in the heart of the Orchid, photo by Christian Kneidinger

I study and teach Tai Chi. In this great work we learn how to sense, feel, manipulate, move and store energy. This is a beautiful feeling! An even better experience is when the practitioner has learned to seal in the energy and not allow it to dissipate (following the practice). Too many students of all types of energy work are not taught how to seal in the energies and especially close off the energy gates to the (parasite/vampiric) negative energies attracted to feeding time (abundant in our world at this time).

Many practitioners are feeling very fantastic whilst performing the physical movements / expressions of the art / energy work, but: Having only learned how to open the energy gates – but failing to learn how to seal in the energy (closing the energy gates) – are walking away and feeling depleted (drained) each time. How many students I have met who speak of feeling drained, it was a hard session, muscles ache, etc. I have encountered many unscrupulous teachers who are doing very well from vampiring the energy of their own students from not teaching correct opening and closing sequences. Many do this unknowingly but, sadly, some are doing this act knowingly. True energy work should only leave the practitioner feeling refreshed, with a high feeling of energy supply at his/her disposal and at ease with the practice, i.e. not being far too serious about the practice, having a competitive attitude towards a particular teacher, form or style. The most important aspect of energy work is the internal connections we bring into the mind / body through physical movement with the intention of the inner eye / soul.

We can see (and learn from) the correlation between everything in our world – whatever the subject matter. There is no separation – it is all linked – everything is energy vibrating, moving, experiencing, or making sense, of the space it inhabits. And yet everything is no thing: nothing!

Let it Flow

In closing!

Before we learn to interact with another energetic field we must learn to be at ease with our own energetic signature otherwise we are lambs in a field of wolves – and they are usually in sheep’s clothing.

When we hand over our sine wave, sig-nature, mark, X, cross, sigils, endorsement or magnetic / electric waveform / current to any another we must be sure that they value our spiritual and physical well being as we also must. There are infinite numbers of negative forces waiting for just that moment – and in the movies the vampire (archetypal energy) is always invited in.

There is no need for any fear – simply relearn to build, store and seal in your energy. You have only forgotten but it is inside still waiting for your awareness of it. It is so very close yet it seemed so far: there is no need to visit a far away land or take any substances: plant or otherwise. These chemical reactions all exist within you and they are awaiting your activation. You will not be harmed within your own space. If you take these (chemical reactions) from an external source you may attract outside attention also (parasitic / demonic). I have observed this experience in others who are (still) unaware of the attachments they have made.

To experience your energetic pulse / sine wave / spirit moving through you – on a purely physical level – simply hold your finger to your pulse, close the eyes and experience something wonderful. Better ‘still’, to experience spirit out of the body, i.e. have a spiritual experience: simply quieten the mind from the external senses. With deep intentional breathing, bring the awareness away from everything external and sense and feel love for all that is within you: organs, blood, muscles, tissue, heartbeat, pulse, etc. By making time for and showing this loving awareness and respect for the body your spirit current-ly inhabits, the body (which is fully conscious) returns the love and takes over the burden the Spirit usually feels responsible for: sitting, walking, running, thinking, resting, breathing and spirit (consciously now) experiences itself without having to focus on no thing: nothing.

Now, in some time you will experience realisation of the true self: spirit. At this place of stillness you relearn self love, self forgiveness and self appreciation: this is true mastery. No books, objects, sensual practices or deities are necessary. Place no idol between creation and yourself: Each and every thought, breath, quench of water, nutritional vegetable, seed or fruit puts you into direct contact with creation.

With best wishes and intentions,


Abdul Baha... The Teacher should not...

That which sustains you is God: If you have no breath for two minutes: breathe becomes your God, you will pray for it. If you have no water for two days, water becomes your God, you will pray for it. If you have no food for four days, food becomes your God, you will pray for it – Sadhguru

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Election Day – Who’s in CHARGE?

To all those (in the UK) that chose NOT to vote…

You chose wisely!

Election Who's in Charge
Click on image to enlarge

In this spiritual game we are all (currently) players in on Earth – the pitfalls are many. Here, in the so-called United Kingdom, we bear witness to the second major occult ritualistic ceremony to take place within one week.

Tonight, Thursday 7th May 2015 a general election takes place and many have cast their votes for their chosen electorate. Elections in the UK take place on a Thursday, the allotted day of the week dedicated to the King of the Gods: Zeus (Jupiter), who wields the ultimate power of Lightning and Thunderbolts and in this case the Political and Banking Power of the Vatican (Crown) City Corporation of London.

The US Election usually takes place on a Tuesday (Mardi – Mars – God of War) and is the Military Power of the Vatican (Crown) City Corporation of Washington DC (District of Columbia). The Vatican City itself represents the overall Spiritual Control of the Masses. These three City’s make up the triple crown of control over Man: Spiritual Control: Vatican City; Finance and Political: City of London; Military Power and Enforcement of Policy: District of Columbia (DC), Washington.

When you vote you are choosing no one! The vote is decided long before the election. Surely no one still believes they would be allowed to decide the direction of the hidden hand of control in our world. Think tanks, assemblies, committees and spin doctors make all political, military and spiritual decisions years in advance. And the general public believe they could throw a spanner in the works or spoil the next very carefully planned agenda!

A voter is merely stating on paper with their electric charge (you are an electric circuit) that they require a ‘surrogate parent’ (or in this case ‘evil step-parent’) to decide their fate, come what may. In the eyes of the Elected-Elitists the unlearned, overly-trusting, common man is unworthy of deciding what is best for themselves and their loved ones. You are consenting to being governed by Rome. It has been this way for Centuries.

Choosing not to give away your power (Charge / Voltage) is, individually, the greatest tool of empowerment you wield against darkness. Whilst the general public will snigger at such suggestions (as above), those who operate this vampiric system know very well that more and more power is slipping through their claws as the Great Awakening of Humanity unfolds.

With best intentions,


The Returning Waters of Truth